VPG Response to COVID-19

March 19, 2020

We want to update you on the steps Valley Pediatric Group is taking to meet the healthcare needs of your child during this unprecedented time. Even during this extreme time of “social distancing” kids still have acute illnesses and chronic medical problems that require attention. It also remains very important that they continue to receive routine well care to monitor their growth and development and keep immunizations up to date. To that end, here is what we’re working on:

1. Beginning Monday, March 23 we will be completely separating sick and well visits. In the mornings we will schedule only sick visits in one office and only well visits in the other. In the afternoon we will switch. This gives us one more strategy for minimizing exposures for anyone coming in for a well visit while still being able to offer sick visits all throughout the day.

2. We continue to offer and encourage folks to remain in your car to wait for your child’s appt. You will be given a phone number to call to alert us when you have arrived. We will call you back when a room is open and we are ready for you to come inside.

3. We are asking everyone to please only bring the child to be seen to the appointment. Leave all of the other kids at home or with another caretaker. Please also limit adult caretakers to no more than two adults. We recognize that sometimes limiting additional children is impossible so for now we are not making this mandatory. However, we REALLY need your cooperation to limit the number of people coming in and out of the office.

4. We have instituted increased cleanings of “high touch” areas throughout the office all day and are now closing our office completely at lunch to help facilitate cleaning at that time.

5. Over the next few weeks we will be rescheduling well checks for children over 5 years old to a later date. For now, unless there are concerns that need to be addressed or a physical exam is required for another reason, that still seems like the right thing to do.

6. More to come! We are working on more ways of giving access to the office without actually coming in and hope to announce more about that very soon.

Thank you for your faith is us to provide care for your child. ** If your child has fever and a cough please call us and ask to speak with a nurse. Unfortunately testing for COVID-19 is still limited in our area. We do not anticipate the ability to test in our office but we want to be able to direct you appropriately.**